Continuing Support for Disabled Employees


This was what my platform was going to be when I decided to run for a political position in our local state, but it turns out the community and government wanted something more than just assistance. As a lawyer, I feel that there’s not much legislation that protects the right of disabled employees. One instance is when my latest client slipped from the catwalk and broke his lower back. He was paralysed and he’s no longer able to make ends meet. The company was there to provide medical and legal assistance, but they were only able to guarantee compensation. Afterwards, they cut ties with him.

If disability is going to claim your ability to make a living, then the companies should find it in their heart or professional vision to help their downed employees. in the Philippines, an LGU has established a scholarship program for the children of fallen soldiers and I respect this aspect because an entity is trying to provide continual support to the families involved. If something like this is going to be replicated in the USA, it’s going to help a lot of people who lost their jobs because they lost their ability to work or function.

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