Experience with Disability and Negligence

In my years as a personal injury lawyer, I always come across sensitive cases like an individual becoming disabled due to someone else’s negligence in the workplace. Just recently, I handled a case wherein a truck driver was hit by the crane’s hook on the driver side of the truck because the crane operator fell asleep at the cockpit. The driver broke his shoulder, a couple of ribs, his thigh and femur, and his entire left hand. what makes everything so sad is that the company is not going to compensate him for his injuries because they believe that it was the driver’s fault for driving in that area. Upon closer investigation, I realized that the company failed to put up an efficient driving zone in their area.

Video source: Salt Lake City tax attorney

When something like this happens, it’s not the company that suffers but the victim. The company can easily replace the victim with another individual without having to lose track of the work pace. The victim on the other hand loses his ability to work and make money for his family. This is where I come in. I have yet to lose in personal injury cases because I make sure that it was indeed the company’s fault that my client was injured. Even if I get to represent a company for its negligence, I still make it a point to be fair towards the opposing party through settlement negotiations.

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